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Chapter 29 

Chris POV

Momma and Aubrey got along way better then i expected . They talked and laughed like they knew eachother for years. Wich was great , im not complaing.

We had just left from there and now we were on our way home to Aubreys place.

"So babe you enjoyed your time at my moms house?" I questioned looking over at her then focoused back on the road.

"Yeah she such a sweethear and she’s so pretty ! " She said with a big smile on her face.

"Well duh look at me." I said joking around

"Nigga please" She said smacking her teeth

"You know im sexy , no need to front baby " I said continuing

"But not sexier then me. I mean look at all this " She said bringing her hands up and gesturing them toward her body. As i pulled up to a red light."

I started at her with a smile on my face before the both of us busted out laughing.

"Im tired yo. " She said pushing the chair back and closing her eyes.

"Cause yall was out all day shopping. " I informed her.

"Dang thanks comptain obvious for informing me on some information that i already knew." She said joking around making me laugh.

"Dont play me little nigga" I said nuding her shoulder with my hand.

We laughed and joked the whole way home.


"I feel like take a hot bath right now" Aubrey said walking around the room grabbing what she was gonna wear to bed.

"I wanna join " I said joking

"Lets go , Imma start the water ." She said making me suprised.

"Ill be there in a mintue ." I said as she walked out the room.

Hearing the water turn on I took of my shirt and threw it onto the bed and made my way too the bathroom seeing Aubrey laying in the water with her eyes closed. I undid my pant and lets them drop to the floor stepping out of them then doing the same with my boxers.

It was one of them round/oval looking tubs so there was enough space for the both of us to be comfortable.

"Get up babe." I told her , getting in the water and relaxing my body pulling her ontop of me to were both her legs were on each side of me and her boobs pressing against my chest. To say the least .. I wanted her.

I rubbed up and down Aubreys back and sides as she made a small trail of kisses from my chest to my neck . My dick was getting harder making me grab the bottom of her butt pulling her up so she wasnt sitting directly ontop of it. Im pretty sure she already felt me poking her but still.

'Chrisss” She moaned as i squeezed her butt and let go. She leaned up to were she was sitting right above my dick and pushed her wet hair off her face . Leaning down she caught my lips in hers , kissing me gently picking up speed slowly. She opened her mouth a little bit letting my tongue inside. We started making out roughly.

I wanted her now.

Aubreys POV

Me and Chris were making out roughly in the bath tub I felt his dick getting harder by the minute and i wanted to feel him inside of me already.

He pulled away from the kissing standing me up and pulling me with him making our lips reconnect as he carried me to the bed room.

He tossed me on the bed climbing ontop of me with each hand on the side of my face i a push up position .

"Baby " I said breathing hard as his hand made his way down my body and to my opening. Rubbing up and down slowly with his finger.

"You want it ?" He questioned as he stuck 2 fingers inside of me pumping in and out slowly.

"Yes" I said barely above a whisper , it felt so good.

"I cant hear you. Do you want it " He said now moving his fingers in a come here motion going faster.

"Yes baby i want it " I said louder then before.

" How bad babe , how bad do you want this dick ? " He asked me Rubbing his thumb on me in a circular motion as his index and middle finger pumped in and out of me . I could feel my body getting ready to explode and that when he pulled out.

“Chris please ” I said practically begging him .

I stayed still watching every moved he made as his made his way down to my vagina.

He put his hand under my thighs pushing my legs up to were my knees were almost touching my chest.He bought his head down one he was leved were he wanted to be I took a deep breath getting my self prepared for the pleasure that was gonna take over my body. Letting my breath out slowly as i felt the warmness of his tongue around my clit.

I moaned sofly as chris licked me uo , making me tremble beneath him.

I put my hand on the back of his head pushing his face into me more as he used everything he has to please me with his mouth.

Chris sucked roughly on my clit, tickling his tongue against me making me moan loudly. My body shaking while i felt the muscles in my stomach tighten. I could feel it all through me that i was getting ready to explode.

Chris squeezed my thighs as his head side to side sending a shock of pleasure through out me.

He slowly peeled his lips away from my clit letting his tongue travel all the places he wanted to visit. I let out a breath as my eyes met his as he tickled the tip of his tongue against me. As soon as he bought his mouth back around my clit my orgasm took over my body releasing making my moans fill the room.

His lips roughly popped off of me bringing his body up to my face slamming his lips into mine letting us make our roughly. The head of his dick was sliding against me making me want him more.


Putting his hand on my knees as he rolled his hips in me beetween my legs. He body moved nicely at a steady pace causing him to poke me deep making every inch of him rock inside of me.

Keeping my eyes on him at all times. The sweat drizzled down his face and onto his bottom lip before falling onto his abs.

Chris bit his bottom lip and let it pop off his teeth as he hissed a little and bought his hips back teasing me with just the tip

I looked up at him never loosing eye contact. He slammed his hips into me. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach that i was gonna explode. I didnt want him to stop he was going rough and going as deep as he can go .

Letting my legs drop he bought his body ontop of mine catching our lips together kissing eachother roughly as he rocked himself inside of me.

My moans were caught beetween the kiss our tongues still dancing with eachother. Using as the strength he rammed into me making me feel his dick swell against my walls making my body get hot . Even though the room was chilly from the air.

It was only a matter of seconds until i busted.

With one last thrust his slammed his body into mine making my body convulse. The pleasure tingled through out me making me moan loudly . I squeezed his back with my hands holding onto him as he penetrated me deep making me suck up his dick . The throbbing sensation seeped through me , my body tingling from the orgasm.

Rolling onto his back we layed next to each other trying to catch our breath. Pulling me against him and covering us up.

"Goodnight babe" He said as he wrapped his arm around me kissing me.

"Goodnight " I replied kissing him back then putting my face in his neck drifing off to sleep.

chapter 28 

Aubreys POV

"Bye boo, today was fun. And dont pay no mind to Perish" PO’ told me smiling.

"Pft girl I aint even worried about her. That hoe can go suck a vagina" I said laughing.

"You dumb , give me hug " She said laughing

After around 10 minutes of sitting outside. We finally said bye. Making my way too Chris.

"I missed my baby " Chelsea said pouting looking me.

"I feels you , I miss mine too. " I said putting on my blinker so I could get in the right lane and get on the exit.

"Jesus you doucheee !! Let me overr " I yelled. This is one thing about Miami the traffic was crazy. Especially at 5 everyones usually getting of work and trying to get home.

"Stupid nigga." I mumbled finally pulling in the right lane.

"That wasnt even a nigga!" Chelsea yelled laughing

"I dont care. She could of let me go ! Douche bag" I said laughing.

"Drive faster ! I wanna see Ty." She told me.

"Okay , let me turn my car into a helicopter so i can fly over this traffic." I said looking over at her

"That would be awesome" She said smiling at me.

"Ugh text Ty. Your annoying." I said smiling back at her.

"Fine , Rudeness" She said and starting typing on her phone.

After 15 minutes of being in traffic I was finally at Chris house.

"I had fun today , we need to do it again." Chelsea said hugging me goodbye.

"Yeah forsure. " I said

After she went inside I waited for Chris. 5 minutes passed and he still aint come out making me beep the horn.

"He still aint come out here? " Chelsea questioned.

"Nope " I said looking at the door seeing Tyga come out with a smile on his face and Chris with a bag in his hand.

"Finally, Bye guys" I said waving to them and letting chris get in before i took off.

"Whats up with you? " He asked looking at me .

"Nothing I have a small headache. Kiss" I said leaning over and giving him a quick kiss.

"Take some advil when you get home. How was your day?" He asked smiling at me.

"It was good . I saw Perish again." I informed him.

"Yeah? Did she say something to you?" He questioned with his eyebrow raised.

"Yeah , SO , someguy tried to get at me but PO’ was all she got a boyfriend nigga -"

"Thats my dawg" He said interupting me.

"Shut up , " I said laughing "Any way he said sorry and whatever then Perish was all the only reason her man is still with her is because she gave it up quick. That got me mad so i was like excuse me?" I told him waving my hand

"And then she turned around and then I told her off and yeah. " I finished.

"That girls stay causing trouble. Why was Jordan with her?" He questioned.

"Same reason nigga always keep a female around. A quick nut " I told him.

" Im not keeping you around for that reason" He said smiling at me.

"Oh yeah? Then whats the reason?" I questioned looking at him.

"You’ll find out soon enough" He said letting my mind wonder.

"Anyway how was your day ? "

"Good , We ate , played ball. Went to the mall around the corner. And then chilled at bow’s house"

"Sounds fun "

"Yeah. , You had fun? " He asked.

"Yes" I said smiling at him.

" So , I was thinking and I want you to meet my mama " He spoke not looking at me.

"Really ?" I questioned with a suprised face.

"Yeah , we been dating for a good amount of time. I think you should meet her" He spoke now looking at me.

" Wow, Okay then." I said nodding my head

"You dont have to be nervous" He said with a small laugh.

"Yeah I do , Thats your mother and the way you talk about her I could tell you guys are close. So yeah im nervous what if she dont like me ?" I told him.

"Cmon bae, She gonna like you. What there not to like?" He said grabbing my hand.

"I dont know , Im just nervous cause its your mom, But when am i gonna meet her?"

"Tonight" He said making me look with the pin-sol lady eyes.

"What?" He questioned laughing loudly .

"Thats not funny! You kidding right?" I asked him leaning back into my chair as i pulled up behind a car at the red light.

"No , I had called her earlier and told her that im gonna come over with you for dinner tonight so you both can finally meet, She said shes excited." He said smiling at me.

"Okay then" I said pulling off .

"I need you to drop me off though at hers because she wanted me to pick up some stuff from the store" He spoke

"My cars already there " He continued.

“OK then while your doing that , Ill be getting ready and then you can just pick me up .” I told him.

"Sounds like a plan."

"What should I wear ? Like can I dress like I am now? Or what?" I asked him

"Dress how ever you feel . Come in pajamas . My momma dont care." He said laughing.

"You look cute today, I like " He spoke smiling.

Once I dropped of Chris I made my way home, going straight upstaires to pick out something to wear.


Chris POV

After Aubrey dropped me off infront of my mommas house I went up the small steps and walked in .

"Ma!" I yelled walking further into the house.

"Christopher stop yelling im in here" She said from inside the kitchen.

"Hey ma." I greeted her kissing her on the cheek and hugging her.

"Hi sweetheart how are you ? " She asked going into the fridge and pulling out some meat.

"Im good. But listen what did you need from the store I have to go get it now and then when I come back we can catch up and talk until Aubrey calls me telling me she’s ready." I told her smiling when I mentioned her.

After she gave me a small list of things she needed from the store . I kissed her and told her ill be back.

The whole way too the store Aubrey was on my mind. I fell hard for her . Around 2 months into the relationship I realised that , I have no promblem with it though. I just have thoughts on if she feels the same way about me as I do her.

I finally got to the store . Grabbing what she needed and some stuff that I just wanted to get.

Finally after I paid for everything and made my way back to the house.

After giving my mom everything she started chopping up stuff and putting it in the pot. We talked about pointless things until i decided talk to her about Aubrey.

"So , even though you dont know Aubrey , The things I told you anout her what do you think?" I asked her

"Well , She sounds like a nice girl. And you must really like her because everytime you talk about her I can hear it in your voice that strong feelings are there." She said looking up at me.

"And how long have you been dating ?" She asked

"It will be 6 months in a couple of day , and yeah . This might sound crazy but i love this girl and im nervous to tell her how i feel cause what if she dont tell me it back and she dont feel the same? " I questioned looking up at her

"Christopher , love is a small world ut very big meaning . Im glad you found someone you love. Just tell her how you feel. Just remember you dont tell someone you love them to hear it back you tell them because thats how you really and truly feel" She spoke smiing at me .

"Your right thanks ma, that makes me feel better hearing your out look on it"

After a little while of more talking Aubrey called me and told me she was ready.

"Hey sexy " I said winking at her making her laugh as she closed the door.

"Wassup big daddy " She replied making me laugh loud.

"You look nice, Are you still nervous?" I asked her keeping my eyes on the road making my way back to the house.

"Yeah thats your mom. Like her opinion matters alot to me . If she dont like me then that would be horrible." She said ranting.

"Calm down babe , shes gonna like you." I said grabbing her hand.

"I hope so." She mummbled .

The rest of the ride there we just listened to music.

"Ready?" I asked pulling into the drive way.

"Yupp" She said popping the P and letting out a sigh.

"Relax." I said shaking her shoulder. Making her laugh

I grabbed her hand making our way to the door. Knocking on the door.

"Come in , its open! " I hear mama yell making me open the door letting Aubrey walk in first.

"Ma! " I yelled walking deeper into the living room still holding Aubreys hand.

"In the kitchen." She yelled

We made our way too the kitchen heainq mama movng stuff around.

"Hey ma." I said making her look up from sturring whatever she was making

"Hello christopher" She spoke whiping her hands on a kitchen towel.

"Mama , this my girlfriend Aubrey." I said grabbing Aubreys hand and pulling her ifront of me.

"Hello Aubrey" She said puling Aubrey into a hug

" its so nice to finally meet you. Chris has spoke to me alot about you " She said smiling .

"Its nice to meet you Ms.Brown and i could say the same. I come to realise your son is a mama’s boy he says lots of good things about you " Aubrey replied smiling

It mad me feel all good on the inside that her and my mom just met and tey were already getting along

"Oh honey call me Mama J " Mama spoke up walking back to the stove.

"Well, im cooking fried chicken , mashed potatoes and green beans hope your hungry " Mama said smiling

"Sounds good " I spoke making them laugh

" Chris really ? You stay hungry for some of your mama’s food " My mom said making Aubrey laugh.

" Please mama , thats why me and Aubrey are perfect for each other she stay hungry too " I said laughing .

"Chris! " Aubrey slightly yelled with her face down cause it turned bright pink.

"OH nonseens dont be ashamed hunny. No one is here to judge you, besides no one can throw down more food the mister over here." Mama spoke up causing Aubrey too smile.

"That hurts" I said holding my heart.

"You just met my babe and your already on her side" I said making a joke.

"Oh hush chileee " Aubrey said making mama laugh and high five her.

"So Aubrey how did you and my son meet?" Mama asked

"Well I was with my bestfriend in tge mall and she saw him and Tyga sitting at a table eating and we were attracted to them but didnt say anything. So then we ended up seeing them in champ and i saved him from some girl that was thirsty and wouldnt leave him alone" Aubrey said making her laugh

"And I asked her for her number" I finished off smiling big .

"Im glad he did cause i really , really like you son " Aubrey said looking down smiling

"And he likes you alot to trust me" Mama said looking up at me mouthing ‘told you ‘

" Yall funny real funny. But how bout yall bond and talk that girl talk and ill go watch TV" I said walking out the kitchen and too the living room.

Aubreys POV’

Mama J is a real sweetheart . Now i understand why Chris said to calm down and not be so nervous. She seems like to type to accept a person and not judge and I like that. And also shes real easy to talk and get along with wich is a real good plus.

"So honey , You live on your own or with your parents?" Mama J asked.

"I live with my bestfriend Chelsea . We rent out an apartment and go half on everything." I said

"Thats real good independent. " She said.

"Honey the food is ready you can go and get chris "She told me as she took out plates for us too eat.

The rest of the time there we ate and talked about random thing.

Its safe to say that I like mama j and i have a strong feeling that she likes me too .







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