Chapter 29 

Chris POV

Momma and Aubrey got along way better then i expected . They talked and laughed like they knew eachother for years. Wich was great , im not complaing.

We had just left from there and now we were on our way home to Aubreys place.

"So babe you enjoyed your time at my moms house?" I questioned looking over at her then focoused back on the road.

"Yeah she such a sweethear and she’s so pretty ! " She said with a big smile on her face.

"Well duh look at me." I said joking around

"Nigga please" She said smacking her teeth

"You know im sexy , no need to front baby " I said continuing

"But not sexier then me. I mean look at all this " She said bringing her hands up and gesturing them toward her body. As i pulled up to a red light."

I started at her with a smile on my face before the both of us busted out laughing.

"Im tired yo. " She said pushing the chair back and closing her eyes.

"Cause yall was out all day shopping. " I informed her.

"Dang thanks comptain obvious for informing me on some information that i already knew." She said joking around making me laugh.

"Dont play me little nigga" I said nuding her shoulder with my hand.

We laughed and joked the whole way home.


"I feel like take a hot bath right now" Aubrey said walking around the room grabbing what she was gonna wear to bed.

"I wanna join " I said joking

"Lets go , Imma start the water ." She said making me suprised.

"Ill be there in a mintue ." I said as she walked out the room.

Hearing the water turn on I took of my shirt and threw it onto the bed and made my way too the bathroom seeing Aubrey laying in the water with her eyes closed. I undid my pant and lets them drop to the floor stepping out of them then doing the same with my boxers.

It was one of them round/oval looking tubs so there was enough space for the both of us to be comfortable.

"Get up babe." I told her , getting in the water and relaxing my body pulling her ontop of me to were both her legs were on each side of me and her boobs pressing against my chest. To say the least .. I wanted her.

I rubbed up and down Aubreys back and sides as she made a small trail of kisses from my chest to my neck . My dick was getting harder making me grab the bottom of her butt pulling her up so she wasnt sitting directly ontop of it. Im pretty sure she already felt me poking her but still.

'Chrisss” She moaned as i squeezed her butt and let go. She leaned up to were she was sitting right above my dick and pushed her wet hair off her face . Leaning down she caught my lips in hers , kissing me gently picking up speed slowly. She opened her mouth a little bit letting my tongue inside. We started making out roughly.

I wanted her now.

Aubreys POV

Me and Chris were making out roughly in the bath tub I felt his dick getting harder by the minute and i wanted to feel him inside of me already.

He pulled away from the kissing standing me up and pulling me with him making our lips reconnect as he carried me to the bed room.

He tossed me on the bed climbing ontop of me with each hand on the side of my face i a push up position .

"Baby " I said breathing hard as his hand made his way down my body and to my opening. Rubbing up and down slowly with his finger.

"You want it ?" He questioned as he stuck 2 fingers inside of me pumping in and out slowly.

"Yes" I said barely above a whisper , it felt so good.

"I cant hear you. Do you want it " He said now moving his fingers in a come here motion going faster.

"Yes baby i want it " I said louder then before.

" How bad babe , how bad do you want this dick ? " He asked me Rubbing his thumb on me in a circular motion as his index and middle finger pumped in and out of me . I could feel my body getting ready to explode and that when he pulled out.

“Chris please ” I said practically begging him .

I stayed still watching every moved he made as his made his way down to my vagina.

He put his hand under my thighs pushing my legs up to were my knees were almost touching my chest.He bought his head down one he was leved were he wanted to be I took a deep breath getting my self prepared for the pleasure that was gonna take over my body. Letting my breath out slowly as i felt the warmness of his tongue around my clit.

I moaned sofly as chris licked me uo , making me tremble beneath him.

I put my hand on the back of his head pushing his face into me more as he used everything he has to please me with his mouth.

Chris sucked roughly on my clit, tickling his tongue against me making me moan loudly. My body shaking while i felt the muscles in my stomach tighten. I could feel it all through me that i was getting ready to explode.

Chris squeezed my thighs as his head side to side sending a shock of pleasure through out me.

He slowly peeled his lips away from my clit letting his tongue travel all the places he wanted to visit. I let out a breath as my eyes met his as he tickled the tip of his tongue against me. As soon as he bought his mouth back around my clit my orgasm took over my body releasing making my moans fill the room.

His lips roughly popped off of me bringing his body up to my face slamming his lips into mine letting us make our roughly. The head of his dick was sliding against me making me want him more.


Putting his hand on my knees as he rolled his hips in me beetween my legs. He body moved nicely at a steady pace causing him to poke me deep making every inch of him rock inside of me.

Keeping my eyes on him at all times. The sweat drizzled down his face and onto his bottom lip before falling onto his abs.

Chris bit his bottom lip and let it pop off his teeth as he hissed a little and bought his hips back teasing me with just the tip

I looked up at him never loosing eye contact. He slammed his hips into me. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach that i was gonna explode. I didnt want him to stop he was going rough and going as deep as he can go .

Letting my legs drop he bought his body ontop of mine catching our lips together kissing eachother roughly as he rocked himself inside of me.

My moans were caught beetween the kiss our tongues still dancing with eachother. Using as the strength he rammed into me making me feel his dick swell against my walls making my body get hot . Even though the room was chilly from the air.

It was only a matter of seconds until i busted.

With one last thrust his slammed his body into mine making my body convulse. The pleasure tingled through out me making me moan loudly . I squeezed his back with my hands holding onto him as he penetrated me deep making me suck up his dick . The throbbing sensation seeped through me , my body tingling from the orgasm.

Rolling onto his back we layed next to each other trying to catch our breath. Pulling me against him and covering us up.

"Goodnight babe" He said as he wrapped his arm around me kissing me.

"Goodnight " I replied kissing him back then putting my face in his neck drifing off to sleep.

Chapter 27

Chelsea POV

"Babe , she aint even up yet" I said laughing

"Wake her up then , You dressed?" He asked

"Bae, its 10 in the morning im the only one up out of everyone thats going today. No I am not dressed" I answered

"You are a drama, always gotta tell a whole life story. All you had to tell me was ’ no bae im not dressed ’ And that would of been it but nooooo not with Miss Chelsea" He said laughing

"Shut up , you stay picking on me" I told him smiling

"Im hungry thoe, Imma go downstairs to see what we have. Or you can bring me breakfast" I told him

"What you want?" He asked me sucking his teeth



Chris POV

I woke up to the sun shining through the curtains. I got up slowly stretching and walking to the bathroom. After I used it and brushed my teeth I walked back to the room seeing my computer still on. I dont even remeber falling asleep.

I layed on the bed proping my self up against the headboard and pillows putting the computer on my stomache.

It was 10:30 already.Smiling to myself seeing Aubreys face still on the chat. She had her hand resting agaist her cheek while she layed sleeping

"Babeee " I said seeing if I could wake her.

"Babeee " I repeated making her move a little

"Babyyy " I dragged out making her put the blanket over her head

"Baby wake uppp " I said. I was annoying her , and I was enjoying it

"Babeee if you dont wake up now , Im not gonna come to see you later" I said

making her take the blanket off her head

"Hey sleepy head" I said smiling

"Your a aggravater. how are you gonna threaten me by saying your not gonna come see me later ? Im your girlfriend" She told me pouting then laughing

"Oh god , You know I would of came to see you later no matter what" I said laughing

"Hold on." She said putting up her hand and walking somewere

Once she was done , she came back

"Had to brush my teeth , see " She said smiling big

"Beautiful ." I told her.

"You knocked out on me though babe, I was up all alonee " She told me

"Aw im sorry , next time i wont knock out, promise" I said

"Pinky promise?" She asked holding out her pinky towards the camera

"pinky promise" I said holding my pinky up also

"Your so cutee !" She said laughing

"Yeah yeah " I said waving my hand and laughing

" I have to get ready though babe," She told me

"Okay imma let you go then, ill text you" I told her

"K , kiss " She said puckering her lip making me laugh and do the same acting like I was kissing her

"Muahhh , bye baby "

Aubrey POV

Once i got off webcam with chris I got up walking out of the room down the staires and into the kitchen grabbing me a water and making my way back up.

Chelsea was already up I heard the shower running.

Drinking some of the water and making my way too the shower I got undressed waiting for the water to get hot.

Once it was there i got in washing my hair and scrubbing my body with the soap making sure I cleaned my self good. Around 30 minutes after i got out wrapping the towel around my body ringing my hair out.

"woo , its cold " I said to myself opening the door feeling the cold air hit me

"Aubreyyy come here !! " Chelsea yelled from her room

"Hold on " I said going sliding on panties and a bra not even both drying my self. I was still wet.

"Hurry " She yelled again

"Comingg " I said opening the door and running fast down the hallways making me loose my balance making me slip and fall making a loud noice as I hit the floor. Chelsea came running out of her room stopping infront of me

"Oh my god bro ! " I said laughing loudly putting my arm over my face as i layed on the floor

"Ahh , oh my god this is getting sent to chris !" She said laughing and snapping a picture of me

"Help me up you douche , You see your bestfriend laying on the floor after falling and you laugh ! " I said laughing and holding my hands out

"Shut up nigga you laughed first!" she said still laughing helping me up

"Danggggg ! You got a red mark right here ! " She said smacking my butt hard

"Ow bro ! " I yelled pushing her

"Thats stung " I said rubbing my butt

"Oh dont act I knwlow you be getting it rougher than that " She said turning around laughing

"Haha, your funny. Dont send that picture to chris." I said following her

"Too late." She chuckled throwing her phone on the bed.

"Gimme, let me see" Grabbing her phone clicking messages seeing she sent the picture with a note attached saying

"I took your girl ma nigga , I gave it to her so hard this is how shes laying in the middle of the hallway tryin to recover…. lmfaooo . im kidding but look a this whore I called her and she came running slipping and falling in the process . Lmfaoo thats yo girl bruhh :p"

"Now when I see him hes gonna bring it up!" I yelled at her trying not to laugh

"Oh well "

"Suck my balls you whore" I Said bumping her

After i messed with her alittle more i helped her pick out an outfit and made my back to my room

Blow drying my hair and ironing it , I decided to keep it all down with a part in the middle.

"Nice ." I mumbled to my self making sure didnt miss a piece

I decided on wearing black dickie shorts, white v-neck and Jordans. Simple but i still looked nice.

Once we were both ready I made sure i sprayed my self and put my jewerly on walking down the steps calling Po ‘

" PO’BOYYY bruhh bruhh ! " I said loudly into the phonee

"Wassaaa bree bree niggaaa ?" She asked

"Yo , im coming to pick you guys up now. I’ll honk like a crazy person when im there." I told her

After Talking for a few more minutes we hung up and me and chelsea headed that way


Once I picked them up it was on. You cant have Chelsea, Po’ , Malikka, and me all together without something fun or crazy happening

"What mall we going to ?" Malikka asked

"Dolphin , they have the big Nike outlet there so thats were we gonna go" I answered.

"Lets me be the Dj dawgg" Po said grabbing my ipod scanning through the songs

"T-H-U-G we be thats thug mentality we thuggin" We all sang along as the beat came loudly through the speakers.

"We were hype and in our zone. We had all the widows down I was driving chelsea in the passanger po behind her and Malikka on my side behind me, us all rapping our own little parts as we drove on i-95

"Were my Miami thugz ?! " We sang loudly laughing

After listenig to old music Po’ changed it to some old but not so old

"Go boo , I know this your song " Po said putting me on the spot as she clicked on a song

"Yeah sing" Malikka and Chelsea said

"Chill ." I said laughing

Once it got the my part I started rapping.

"Shawty wanna lick me in the candy apple drop , i got that presidental cooch when he see it he salute!" I rapped along making them all bust out laugh

"Thats a good line right there thoee " Po said still laughing

The rest of the way , we danced and sung along to everysingle song Po’ put on.

"Lets go girls ." I said turning off the car and getting our making sure I had my purse and phone inside.

"Can we?" Chelsea questioned as soon as we walked inside?

"Can we what ? " Malikka asked her with a confused

"This nigga wants to eat before we do anything" I answered her sucking my teeth then laughing

"Im down with her " Po’ said doing a little dance

"Alright , lets go then " I told them as we made our way to the food court.

We all decided we were gonna get te same thing from some chinese food place.

"Yall could go first , Im still thinking of what i want" I said looking at the food infront of me.

"Ay , ma how you doin’ " Some guy behind me said

"Im good " I answered him dryly

" That good , you think I can get your number" He questioned while looking down at me

He wasnt a bad looking guy , I just was intrested . I had all i needed and that was Chris

"Na , I got a - "

"She got a boyfriend nigga!" Po’ spat sizing him.

"Oh my bad, I apologize aint know you had a man," He said

"You good " I told him

"That dont even matter, the only reason her nigga is with her is because she give it up easily !! " I heard a voice say making me turn my head fast

"Excuse me " I spoke up to the girl who had her back turned

"Well , I should of known it was you" I said as soon as Perish turned around

"Oh please honey , Your just mad cause Im speaking the truth" Perish said rolling her eyes

"Bro , you dont even wanna start" I Said giving her a warning

" What you gonna do honey, you Jealous Ashley gonna take your man cause she got that good good and you dont? " She said

By now people were staring at us , but did I care ? No , I just wanted to clock her in the face one time cause she runs her mouth to much .

"You stay protcting and running your mouth for Ashley you would think you was the eating that coochie or something, ohh noo I forgot you meet niggas at the club and swallow that dick on the first night " I said refering to her giving Jordan head the first night.

"You know nothing ! " She yelled getting mad

" Oh , I do thoe . I know that your a hoodrat , I know you still stuck up on the homie Jay and that why your help thirsty ashley with trying to break me and chris up . But let me tell you one thing bruh , me and chris are together and no one is finna change that and get over the homie jay , he dont want your no more he just kept you around for quick nut , but here you still got a little bit of his kids on your face" I said handing her a napkin

"Gottt emmmmm !!! " A group of guys sitting at a table near us yelled laughing making my girls laugh.

With that I picked up my tray of food and me and the girls walked to a table.

If I want here for a reason , I would of. fought her right then and there. But I knew I would of got kicked out and im not trying to ruin my day with thr hirls


After two hours of walking around the mall I spotted some Jewelry store. Making our way in the store some older lady approached.

" Welcome girls can i help you with anything?" She questioned smiling at us.

"Umm, yes do you guys made comstum dog tags ?" I asked her looking up.

"Oh yes, right this way honey. It there a certain kind you want. We have a whole different variety" She said walking behind a counter and pulling out a bunch of different type of chains putting it on the counter.

"I want it , I guess medium I dont want it too big but then again I dont want it to small." I explained to her.

"Okay what about this one ? " She said holding up a plain silver nice sized one.

"Yeah that one is perfect. Now can i put a picture on the front then writing on the back?" I asked her pulling out my phone.

"Yes you can , What would you like to have the back too say ? " She asked me

" I Want it to be written sideways . I want it too say ’ Aubrey and Chris ’ Then on the bottom of that ’ March 14, 2012’ Then on the bottom of that in the center a minus sign and then on the bottom of the I want it to say " Waypastforever ’ and thats it " I said laughing

"Okay let me go get this started and ill be right back" She said walking away.

"You corny little nigga" Po’ said laughing.

"Leave me alone , thats my baby I love him." I said smiling. I never told anyone I love Chris .. To be honest I havent even told Chris himself.

"You love him ?!" Chelsea yelled

"SHHHH! And yes I love him but dont tell no one anything . I havent even told Chris " I said looking at them.

"Girl why not ?" Malikka questioned.

"Because what if he dont love me yett ? " I told them.

"If he didnt love you I doubt he would of stayed for 6 months boo, That nigga is so head over heels for you its incredible . Do you see how jealous he gets when PO’ BOYY talks to you " Chelsea said laughing making a joke out off the situation that happend earlier in the week.

"I know " I said smiling.

" Okay do you like it?" The lady said showing me the chain.

"Aw that cutee !" Chelsea said.

"It is" Malikka and Po’ agreed.

"I love it thank you " I told her paying for it and leaving

After a little more shopping i bought Chris some new shoes and some snapbacks and some yummy smelling Polo cologne.

"You did good " Chelsea said

"Yeah I hope he likes it" I said putting the stuff in the trunk and getting in the car.

"Hello " Chris said answering the phone.

"Hi babee!" I said with a smile

"Hey baby, what are you doing?" He asked

"Im on my way home now. Imma drop of the girls and then drop Chelsea off, Where are you" I asked him

"We just left from playing basketball. Now were on our way home to so by the time your get there we should be there and ill just go with you" He told me .

"Alright bae , see you in a little bitt, muahhh " I said blowing a kiss into the phone

"K, muahhh " He said doing it back.

After I clicked with him I pulled out and took off out the mall.

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chapter 18

Aubrey’s POV

To say im nervous was a understatment. I was about to loose my virginty. I was nervous about the pain i was gonna be going through when chris sticks his little partner in me. All i know if chris’s dick game is as good as his head game then woo imma enjoy this.

"Chrisss!" I moaned as he played with my clit. Things were getting heated our kisses has now turned into a sloppy make out session .

"Are you sure you wanna do this? We dont have to if your not ready"
He said to me after we pulled apart.

"No , im sure i want to. I want this"

He climbed off me and took off his boxers . After i seen his dick my heart instantly starting beating 10x faster then before. I was supposed to take all that? My baby packin down there !

Once he adjusted the condom on hm right making sure it wont come off. He climbed ontop of me .

"Ill be gentle im promise, if it hurts just tell me and ill stop." He said and pecked my lips softly .

"Here just hold my hand , ill go slow"

I grabbed his hand and held it tightly in mine. 

"Relax" he said as he pushed the tip in . "Chriss" i said breathing heavily.

"Shhh." He said as he continued to push himself in inch by inch till my cherry popped. "Chriss!" I screamed "do you want me to stop?" He asked looking at me. "No keep going . " I said and put my face in his neck as he continued to move at a slow pace in my tightness.

After 5 minutes the pain turned into pleasure. Moans rolled off my tongue as he rocked his hips into me picking up his pace eachtime.
"Damn baby" he grunted as he pumped in and out of me.  "Mmmm faster" I said as he hit that certain spot. Moans rolled of my tongue like it was my job as he kept hitting my spot. "Mm you feel good baby" he said as he rocked his hips faster into me.
You could hear our skin slapping against each other as i moaned and chris grunted her an there.

I felt my self tighting around his dick as he went in me at a fast steady pace. As i hit my peak and felt my orgasm comming chris pulled out. “Why you pulled out?”
I questioned him while catching my.breath

"Turn over" he said and i did as i intructed. He insterted himself and his slow strokes slowly picked up. "Mmm right there " I moaned as he pounded in and out of me.

"Damnn baee" he said as he went his fastest . Were were both reaching peak. "Chrisss!" I yelled as our bodies shook together.
"Wow baee." I said as i collapsed onto the bed. He looked at me and chuckled. My eyes  closed and i cuddled up with chris . "Happy birthday baby" he said and kissed my forehead.

chapter 17 

Chris POV

"Ma nigga im so ready to see Aubrey’s face when she see the party i set up for her tonight at Mekka." I said to Tyga as we drove to pick up the girls. "Pft nigga she gon be happy." He said while laughing. " I hope" i said and turned up music.

Chelsea’s POV

" zammmnn zaddy ! Why you so sexy ?! " I screamed to Aubreys and grabbed her hand and twirled her around . She just shook her head and laughed. "Forreal thoe boo you look real pretty. Chris gon wanna hit as soon as he sees you. " I told her. I was telling you she looked on point i loved how her whole outift clicked. Its was firee. " well you know we will see" she said and turned around . "Ohhh i see you "

Aubrey’s POV

I loved how i looked . I was excited tonight was gonna be a good night i can feel it. “Lets go downstairs and wait for the guys”

Me and chelsea were sitting on the couch messing around. We had for shot glasses of Puerto rican rum on the on the counter. I came up with the plan of everyone taking a shot before we left the for the club. Even thoe im only 18 i not a crazy drinker i just drink and loosin up a little but.

"What club we going to?" I asked chelsea . "Mekka and the dj from power 96 are dj’ing there tonight."
She said while doing a little dance “ayyy its gon be live down there ” i said as my phone vibrated.

Baee ;) <3 - Im pulling in now. Come outside.

Me - No , come inside right quick.

Baee ;) <3 - sum wrong?

Me - no bae just come inside !

Baee ;) <3 - lol ight im comming .

Me - hurry ! :P

5 second later i hear a knock on the door . “Commingg !” I yelled

"Hey Ty" i said and gave him a hug .
"Hi baby " i said while looking up a chris and puttin my arms around his waist. "Hey , you look beautiful"
He said and gave me a kiss. “Ugh stop all the lovey dovey ness .” Tyga said ” oh shut up , yo baby in the kitchen waiting for us. We all gonna take a shot and head out.” I said while walking over to chelsea.

"Babe you aint even old enough to drink" Chris said while him and Tyga laughed. "Shut up nigga ." I said whild picking up the shot glass. "We finna get ratchet so let tonight be a good night. I said and we all clanked them together and downed it. "What a toast . We finna get ratchet?" Ty said while looking at me and laughing  "pft boy i bet you aint gon be complaining when chelsea is clapping that donk gettint ratchet on the floor." I said and we all laughed

Around 30 minutes later we got to Mekka and got out i was seeing niggas breaking neck and hoes rolling there eyes at me and chelsea. Dumb broads.

"Cmon babe come this way" chris grabbed my hand and we walked to the front of the line. Chris said something to the security and he let us all go in . "You know him ? " "something like that"  okay then

"Over her babe" he lead me further in the club . "Happy birthday!!!! " The crowed screamed.
I had the biggest smile on my face. “Happy birthday baby” chris said and kissed me. I had people comming up to me and wishing me a happy birthday. “Baybee get me a drink please” i said while sitting on one of the chairs in vip . “K ill be back” . While i waited i moved to the beat of some bachata song that was playing. “Dance with mee!” Chelsea screamed over the music. I got up and starting dancing with her . That one thing i loved about chelsea she was such a fun person to dance with . No matter what type of music . She loved dancing bachata so we was was going crazy. “Here chris, dance with Aubrey” chelsea said while handing me over to chris.
"Iunno how to dance to this music" he said while taking a sip of the drink. "Cmon baee ill teach you, hold on." I went to the dj and asked him to play a slower song. I walked back to chris and the beat to promise started playing. This was my song. "Cmon babe." I grabbed his hands and told him how to move to the beat and he did good. By the time the song was over you would of never knew this was his first time dancing to music like this. " you did good babe " i said and kissed him.

Everyone was sitting around VIP just vibing and being in there zone when ths started playing old songs . ‘Tipp drill’ came on instanly mine and chelsea’s ratchets instincts kicked in and we started getting wild. As the song came to and end ‘Hard in the paint came on.
"FLOCKAAA!!!!!" We both screamed
We were both having fun. “Imma be right back , imma get a coke want something” i said in chelsea ear. “Yeah get me one to, imma sit with Ty .”

After i got our drinks i walked back to see some girl talking to chris. “Here , watch my drink” i said and handed chelsea her drink and put mine on the table. I walked up behind chris and the female next to him . “Na im good im here with someone.” He said to her ” Are you sure baby? If she really wanted to be with you she would. ” she said to him . I caught a glimpse of her face and noticed it was Ms. Thirsty the girl from champs. This hoe. “Na i told you im good go find some other nigga.” Chris told her. “You sure baby , let me just get a taste you dont have to give nothing in return” she said while sitting her hand ontop of his crotch. “Woah chill with that! I told you i was here with someone. “

"Excuse me Ms. Thristy but hop off his dick already he dont want you. I advise you step back before something happens." I said while walking infront of them . She looked shocked and scared. "My bad " she said and walked away quickly . "Babee it was nothing i told her i had someone and she just continued." He said while pulling me into him. " i know bae i was behind you the whole time "

"Well i have to ask you something" he said while taking me to a corner in the club . " k, what is it?".
"So i really like you alot and i was wondering if you wanted to take it to the next level. Aubrey i wanna know if you will be my girl?"
He said while looking at me . I looked up and smiled at him “I would love to be your girl chris.”

The rest of the night we just danced and had a good time.

"Babe my feet hurt." I said to chris. "Come on lets go home"
After we got chelsea and tyga we all got in the car it was dead silent . I think everyone was tired.
"So you comming home with me or what?" Chris said whild speaking up. "Drop chelsea and ty off at my house and ill sleep over yours tonight. " i said and leaned back.

After we dropped of ty and chelsea . We went to chris’s house.
I took a quick shower and washed all the make up on my face. I was  brushing my teeth while chris took his shower. I was just gonna lay in bed with my bra and boy shorts.

I was now laying in chris’s bed waiting for him to come out the bathroom . His bed was so comfertable . I bet sex on here felt like heaven . I started laughing at my self . “What you laughing at?” Chris said and jumped ontop of me “nothing i thought of something funny. “

"Gimme kiss"

As our kiss got sloppier our tongues danced together i felt myself getting hot. Chris put his face in my neck and slipped his hand in my shorts. He rubbed up and down making me wetter.
"Chrisssss " i moaned

"Can i ? " he said as he tucked his fingers into the top of my shorts .
"Yeah " i said breathing heavily.

He pulled down my boy shorts and got in beetween my legs and spread them . I felt his breath and a few second laters i
his mouth wrap around me.

My night is just getting started .